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Horary Astrology, as with other traditional branches of astrology, has been with us for over 2000 years, and likely much longer. It is the branch of astrology that deals with questions and can provide insightful situational analysis, so long as the question meets certain criteria.

Horary astrologers erect a chart of the heavens for the time and place at which a given question is received and understood. The symbolism of the chart will show the recent past events that have led the questioner (traditionally called the Querent) to ask the question. It will also show the situation as it objectively stands in the present, and the likely future outcome of the situation. The Horary astrologer is able to read the symbolism and give an impartial account of past, present and future. The client is thus provided with the information they require to chart their course through whatever difficulty or uncertainty they face.

The heart of horary is the degree of sincerity of the question. Idle questions asked out of curiosity generally yield charts whose symbolism is vague and contradictory. To get the most out of a horary consultation, the question must meet certain criteria:

  1. It must be asked with sincerity. It must be an issue that occupies the client’s mind and fills them with a need to know.
  2. The client should have made efforts to resolve the issue on their own (if applicable), prior to seeking a horary consultation.
  3. The question concerns the client intimately. Questions asked about societal issues are generally much more difficult to properly interpret.
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What can Horary do for me?

Keeping in mind the criteria for questions outlined above, horary has traditionally been used to questions covering a wide range of topics:

  • Will this business partnership bring benefit to me?
  • Is there potential in this relationship?
  • Where is my mother’s engagement ring?
  • Will we get pregnant this year?
  • Should I take the job offer?
  • Is this house a good purchase?
  • Where is my lost pet?
  • Will we win the lawsuit?

As you can see, these types of questions (which represent a small sample of the type Horary has been used to dissect for many centuries) suggest intimate concerns on the part of the querent. These are not frivolous questions.

Horary is not suited to questions of the following nature:

  • What will be the winning lottery numbers this week?
  • Who is going to win the Stanley Cup this year?

What should I expect?

The power and beauty of Horary astrology lies in its ability to provide concrete, detailed information. In cases where timing is an issue, often it can give useful indications of when to expect an event. It can give information about how to navigate difficult situations and whether there are 3rd parties that could prove helpful.

Often, sincere questions that weigh heavily on us do so because we are worried about what could happen should things not work out as we wish. In some cases, this fear may be very acute. It is very important to consider whether you are willing to hear an answer that is not the one you want. If not, maybe reconsider asking the question to begin with.